Elastomeric (Neoprene) Bearing Pads

Longman for the first time in Pakistan manufacture the ELASTOMERIC (NEOPRENE) BEARING PADS to the international standards. Our manufactured pads are in accordance with the ASTM and ASHTOO and now we are supplying these pads to major Projects in Pakistan. We also have a complete testing arraignment at our works.


We have in-house facility of Tensile Test, Elongation Parentage, Hardness and Compression set Test, Aging Test, and load Test up to 500 tons. The Pads are according to the following standard.


Compound-Neoprene: Ozone/Weather-Very Good

Duro. Tensile Elong. Temp. Wt./Sq.Ft 1/2' Finish
50 2250 400 -40 to +170°F 3.95 Smooth
60 2250 350 -40 to +170°F 4.00 Smooth
70 2250 300 -40 to +170°F 4.05 Smooth


  • Hardness: ASTM D-2240
  • Tensile: ASTM D-412
  • Heat resistance: ASTM D-573
  • Comp. Set: ASTM D-395
  • Tear Resistance: ASTM D-624