Our Motto
" Make Pakistan Self Sufficient "
Our Inspiration
After the 1965 war Pakistan acquired Fighter Planes from China. The Air Chief went to China for the taking over ceremony. During the meeting he asked the great visionary Chinese President Chou En-Lai if he had any advice for Pakistan.

His reply was, “Make your own planes even if at first they are made with wood but do not rely on other. Be proud of your indigenous production with time you’ll lead the world.”


Longman Industrial Sales was established in 1940 at Lahore on a small scale cottage industry. On expanding and moving to our present location at 14-n, Gulberg Lahore 1950, it has become one of the leading manufacturer of rubber products in Pakistan. These products are being used in Industries, Automobiles and various mechanical applications. Longman has experience of manufacturing of intricate rubber products for special requirements. During fabrication all National and International Standards are considered as per our clients requirements and specifications that has to be met like BSS, ASTM, PSS, Government and Military.

Longman Industrial Sales Pakistan is leading and best company for manufacturing rubber parts, auto rubber parts, industrial rubber parts, elastomeric bearing pads, bridge expansion joints. We are the largest supplier, exporter, manufecturer of pure rubber products like oil seals, hose pipes, roll covering, bushes, speed breakers, heat exchangers, replacement parts, hydraulic seals, molded parts, expansion joints, marine d fender, o rings, tank linings, engine mounts, connection pipes, radiator hose pipes, conveyor belts, pvc water stopper, teflon parts, rubber sheets. We offer our rubber products in Pakistan, Middle East, South Africa, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Bahrain, Muscat, Kuwait, Africa and Afghanistan.

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